Jindam Agro Farms (JAF) is an organic farm that helps people sees a natural farm in action that produces food without the use of any chemicals. It also helps urbanites connect with nature. The rural wilderness provides for a good outdoor camping site. The farm is our attempt at simple and Sustainable Living in a natural setting and explores ways to tread more lightly on the planet. It gives us an opportunity to observe nature, introspect and reflect upon our role in this natural world. It allows us to pause and see that our currentlifestyles are very energy intensive and are a drain on the natural resources. While one can enjoy the farm stay in the idyllic countryside away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and come to appreciatenature, it provides food for thought about sustainability and a transition planto life beyond cheap fossil fuels. We are constantly looking for and tryingalternate ways to conserve and protect soil, water and air. We hope that this model will inspire and motivate people to channel some of their actions towards, what we call, Individual Social Responsibility.

We provide an opportunity for small groups of people to enjoy camping in the lap of nature surrounded by a variety of trees and in the outdoors. One can sit around a campfire and have the complete camping experience and reconnect with nature and come to enjoy the simple things in life. Sleep under the open skies in the tents, listening to a variety of birds and the night sounds and feel humbled. Sharing the outdoors with creepy crawlies and wild animals add an element of danger, however very remote. 

Our tents have detachable rain flies and the windows have flaps. Through the open flaps, see the night sky, and get a sense of sleeping under the stars but in the shelter of the tents that keeps the bugs and other crawling creatures away from you.