Plants on Desk


Does Your home and office need a lush green touch? Our green indoor plants can create an environment that is inspired by nature. Studies prove that plants at home and the workplace can improve air quality and lower stress. So, buy plants online from our delightful range of indoor plants, and bring the beauty of outdoors into your indoor space today


We wanted urbanites to rediscover nature and use it as a means for healthier living – cleaner air, less stress, organic food and a much more fulfilling life. We are doing this by making available a wide range of gardening products, know-how and services at your doorstep. Growing plants need not be difficult, and we are always there to help you select and nurture your greens.

As a team, we put great value on integrity, prompt customer service, quality and a shared desire to help people ‘go green’.
Wishing you a greener home!


Plants on Desk are a new concept instead of other gifts, such as Sweets and bouquets. In order to promote eco-friendly, clean and green environment, we suggest the Corporates to follow a new trend of presenting the plants to Colleagues, staff and family friends on different occasions such as Birthdays, on promotions and thanks giving etc.

Corporate gifts can be used to convey the message of employee loyalty, employee appreciation,encouragement, inspiration within the company. Plants as corporate gifts is a wonderful token Gift of appreciation to people for gracing the occasion and it also serves as a memento of you for his lifetime.

These corporate gifts increase the loyalty of the employees and improve employee image and perception. Aloe-vera, Money plant, Elephant bush can prove to be excellent examples of corporate gift. Giving these gifts reminds the receiver that your work is important to them and creates a positive feeling that creates loyalty.

Green-gifts, gives an eco-friendly environment and encourages your staff to win these awards and increase the work efficiency. These corporate gifts are very important for developing a professional relationship and motivating your staff. Plants as corporate gifts are incredibly cost effective and health beneficial gift to your staff, colleagues.